Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take me to complete learning activities hosted on CPDEssentials?

The approximate time taken to complete each activity is specified at the start of the activity. The length of the activity may be different for different groups of healthcare professionals.

2. Do I have to complete the activity in one sitting?

No. Each activity can be completed at your own pace over multiple sessions. The software automatically saves all work you have completed to date.

3. Who is the educational activity accredited with?

The accrediting bodies for each activity is listed at the start of each activity.

4. What mark do I need to obtain in the assessments, in order to be awarded my points?

The “pass mark” for each activity is specified within the activity. 

5. Can I redo the the assessment questions?

Yes, you can repeat the assessments by clicking on "Finish Review" and this will give you the option to redo the assessment questions.

6. Can I do activities accredited by other healthcare professional bodies other than my own?

Yes, and you will be sent an email confirming your completion of this activity. This email can be used for self-reporting of this CPD activity.